What digital products and services will be in demand during a recession?

Question: What digital products and services will be in demand during a recession?

Answer: In a recession, businesses and consumers have less money. So they do without what they don’t need to survive.

How has COVID-19 affected the investment environment?

Question: How has COVID-19 affected the investment environment?   

Running a modern economy on barter

Question: If money is just an exchange medium, why is an financial crisis so catastrophic for most industries when almost all goods and services can technically still be produced/provided without the existence of money?


You are referring to barter.

Arresting growth in the money supply is sufficient to halt inflation   

After two years of 40% expansion under Quantitative Easing, money supply started to decline in March when the Fed halted QE and implemented the first of a series of hikes in the overnight rate.

Stop the rate increases

In this op-ed submission, I argue that a cessation of growth in the broad money supply, achieved by a reduction in QE combined with a reduction in deficit spending, is adequate in and of itself to bring in

Beware QT

Investors groping for a bottom to the current bear market in stocks are searching in all the wrong places.  Some are obsessing over the Federal Reserve's overnight rate policy.  Some are perusing company results.  Some are worrying over a potential recession.  Still others are watching technical indicators to signal a washout bottom.  But these are not the best tree

Letter to the Editor: The Chip Shortage - An Existential Risk to America

In "The Semiconductor Shortage (WSJ 3/13/21)," your editorial staff understates the problem of the American semiconductor supply chain.  Aside from the Intel microprocessor, which has fallen a generation or more behind Taiwan-sourced AMD, not a single logic chip is made in America any more.  They are designed here but manufactured at TSMC in Taiwan.  This is an exi

T+2 settlement is not a good deal for investors

Executive Summary:   T+2 settlement days serves short sellers well by providing shares for them to borrow, and it serves brokers well by encouraging clients to open margin accounts that enable brokers to lend shares earning high double-digit annual rates of return, but T+2 is not a good deal for consumers, whose shares end up working against them because of a flagrant conflict of inte

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